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Last modified 8 years ago Last modified on 07/29/13 14:16:34

Troubleshooting Bloodhound installation

Below there is a list of problems detected after installing the issue tracker . Pay attention to related hints if you are experiencing similar issues as they might lead to the resolution .

Installation error: AttributeError: 'NullTranslations' object has no attribute 'add'

This error appears to have appeared on July 26th 2013 with a change to the Babel dependency. A user can work around this problem by running:

pip install Babel==0.9.6

and repeating the step.

Installation error for paths with spaces in them

This may be a little more common on windows as users often use their first name and surname as the username. On running the program, the following error may appear: OSError: [Error 2] No such file or directory on versions 0.5.3 and earlier.

It should be possible to work around this problem by installing bloodhound on a different path that does not include a space (e.g. like C:\Bloodhound\).

Installation error due to search

In order to install version 0.5.2 based on the standard installation, it is required to install the new bloodhound search module. The BloodhoundInstall page now contains revised instructions to take this into account. (See also #493.)

Disable Trac components

It is important to ensure that the following Trac components are disabled , especially while running multi-product plugin and the corresponding product-aware version is enabled .

Disable (legacy) Enable (product-aware)
trac.ticket.web_ui.TicketModule multiproduct.ticket.web_ui.ProductTicketModule multiproduct.ticket.web_ui.ProductReportModule

Otherwise you will experience weird errors e.g. TracError on rendering wiki text (see #373) .