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adding a table of starter tickets

Getting Involved with Apache Bloodhound

You are probably here because you are interested in getting involved in this project but you do not know where to start. Here are some suggestions, starting with tickets we think are suitable for those new to Bloodhound:

Product Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Status Priority
BHD #207 Incorrect bold font weight for label of radio ticket field starter ticket field gjm defect closed trivial
BHD #405 DIV#help on dashboard page is misaligned starter nobody defect closed major
BHD #590 WikiFormatting text in plugins admin plugins, admin, starter rjollos enhancement closed trivial
BHD #141 Document data consumed by templates genshi templates help starter enhancement new minor
BHD #95 Display of owner in dashboard views should depend on the availability of the field starter enhancement new major
BHD #619 Nested HTML forms in ticket view ticket, starter matevzb defect closed blocker
BHD #339 Images in activity stream should be indicated by a small image Activity widget starter nobody enhancement new major
BHD #308 Diff CSS is gone in i.a.o - after #290 ? diff file preview starter regression rjollos defect closed blocker
BHD #214 Stop warning of possible misconfiguration in activity feeds when there are only no events to display Activity widget starter nobody enhancement new minor
BHD #505 Query suggestions bep-0004 bep-0004-stable starter nobody defect new major
BHD #233 Autocomplete keywords starter, gsoc, gsoc2014 nobody enhancement new minor
BHD #123 Check functionality of all screens with missing Products/Versions/Milestones/Components starter nobody task new major
BHD #550 Bootstrap template for error.html starter bootstrap nobody enhancement new major
BHD #13 Rename About Trac to System Information and move it to the footer starter peter enhancement closed minor
BHD #565 Dashboard layout ocasionally broken product, dashboard, layout starter nobody defect new major
BHD #549 Implement FastClick library starter nobody enhancement new major
BHD #570 Bootstrap template for product_edit.html starter bootstrap devenderbindal enhancement closed major
BHD #424 Convert ticket delete template to bootstrap starter rjollos enhancement accepted major
BHD #631 Ticket comments overlap relations table css, starter antony defect closed trivial
BHD #279 Images rendered in activity feed Activity widget css starter tomk enhancement closed critical
BHD #203 Regression: wiki toolbar not visible starter css olemis defect closed trivial
BHD #234 Quick Ticket: link to /newticket, description and priority starter gjm enhancement closed critical
BHD #271 Monospace font family for text area inputs css starter mudri enhancement closed trivial
BHD #632 Navigation items in ticket relations UI navigation starter nobody enhancement new major
BHD #587 Change information box should span width of Wiki Edit page when in side-by-side edit mode wiki edit starter nobody enhancement new major
BHD #154 Installer fails when providing repository type without a path and vice versa starter jure defect closed major
BHD #242 Wrong alignment of enum fields after #206 ticket field css starter andrej defect closed major
BHD #222 Implement Bootstrap styling for date picker css starter nobody defect closed major
BHD #232 Nudge users towards understanding search syntax starter nobody enhancement new trivial
BHD #306 Last modified text prevents PageOutline from floating all the way to the right starter rjollos defect closed trivial
BHD #735 Highlight rows in wiki tables on hover trac-1.0.2 css starter enhancement new trivial
BHD #553 Error message can overflow the QCT pop-up starter qct nobody defect new major
BHD #67 Highlight tickets outputted by reports reports highlighting starter enhancement new trivial
BHD #302 Option elements are missing value attributes in create ticket shortcut form multiproduct quick create ticket fields starter rjollos defect closed minor
BHD #724 Sub-query links in ticket group stats widget milestone product dashboard, starter nobody enhancement new trivial
BHD #205 initial syntax highlighting sample fails in pygments preferences for browsers other than firefox starter peter defect closed minor
BHD #253 Trac version mismatch - after #159 starter gjm defect closed trivial
BHD #360 Add is_active_theme to the public API of bhtheme.theme.BloodhoundTheme class starter rjollos enhancement accepted minor
BHD #168 Include milestone field in quick create ticket form quick create ticket fields starter nobody enhancement closed major
BHD #209 In documentation layout code/cli examples interfere with TOC wiki css starter rjollos defect review trivial
BHD #377 Make current ticket state more obvious ticket starter nobody enhancement new major
BHD #18 Change message for self registration starter nobody enhancement closed major
BHD #625 Extra leading whitespace in ticket edit comment box ticket comment, starter rjollos defect closed trivial
BHD #228 Check that scroll spy works with all supported browsers bootstrap scrollspy ticket starter defect closed major
BHD #276 Make error notice more prominent on failed login starter nobody enhancement closed minor
BHD #789 Add bootstrap template for the Roadmap bootstrap starter thimal enhancement closed major
BHD #794 Whoosh version should be shown under System Information starter devenderbindal defect closed major
BHD #16 Add functionality equivalent to 'ticket status by' progress bars into Milestone starter enhancement new trivial
BHD #313 Diff CSS includes margin at the top of sticky panel diff css bootstrap affix starter nobody defect closed trivial
BHD #416 Use default ticket field value for fields not visible in quick ticket form qct starter rjollos enhancement new major
BHD #185 Typeahead for usernames on 'assign to' fields starter, gsoc, gsoc2014 nobody enhancement new minor
BHD #211 Regression : not possible to resize wiki textarea starter css defect needinfo trivial
BHD #551 Search selectors overlap with results grid grid view starter nobody defect new trivial
BHD #329 Multiproduct UI: Roadmap Bootstrap starter nobody defect new major
BHD #359 Highlight field values in ticket comments feed ticket comments diff starter nobody enhancement new trivial
BHD #371 Document whitelabeling options starter whitelabeling peter enhancement closed trivial
BHD #119 Implement theme extensions code starter nobody enhancement new major


The most important first step to getting involved is joining in with the discussion. You should join the bloodhound-dev mailing list - it is always great to hear from people who are interested in the project and discussions there are the main way of influencing the project. To subscribe, send a message to bloodhound-dev-subscribe@…. There's also a public archive of the mailing list.

Once you have signed up, you will be able to provide feedback, discuss ideas for improvement and tell us that you would like to help.

Getting the Source Code

Apache Bloodhound is written in Python and so, if you have already successfully installed Bloodhound, you will probably have all that you need to develop it too.

BloodhoundInstall and BloodhoundDetailedInstallation both provide information about installing but, if you already have Python, python-setuptools, python-pip and python-virtualenv, installation can be achieved as follows:

svn co bloodhound
cd bloodhound/installer
virtualenv bloodhound
source bloodhound/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements-dev.txt
python --database-type=sqlite --admin-user=admin --admin-password=adminpasswd

after which you can run the standalone server:

tracd -r --port=8000 bloodhound/environments/main

With this method of installation, the Bloodhound and Trac code is run direct from the checked out code. Any source code for external dependencies and plugins meanwhile will be found in ../installer/bloodhound/src/.

You should find that when you make changes to the associated source code, when using the -r option on tracd, the server will reload and the edited code will be run instead of the original. In order to get templates to reload after modifications are made, you can edit bloodhound/environments/main/conf/trac.ini and add the following line to the [trac] section:

auto_reload = true

Contributing Code

We are more than happy to see people contributing code to the Apache Bloodhound project. These are usually expected to take the form of a patch that can be tested and commented on. For now, such patches should be posted to the bloodhound-dev mailing list.

If you are unsure of whether the code you wish to contribute is good enough, feel free to ask. In general we expect code to conform to the PEP-8 Python coding standard but we also prefer to see people discussing code than holding back because it is not yet perfect.

Contributing Designs

This project has a strong focus on usability. How to use the application should be obvious, even for novice users. We believe that the application can go a long way towards helping people become intermediate users quickly too.

UI Designs and usability questions are regularly discussed on the bloodhound-dev mailing list - please do join in with any constructive comments. We generally expect screens to looks as in our default Ui/Layout.

Mockups can be found in the code repository too, including an explanation on how to edit them to make suggestions using Balsamiq Mockups.

After the mockups were discussed, we frequently create HTML templates to further improve the clarity of the suggestions and to allow for usability testing to be carried out. We have adopted the CSS and some javascript functionality from the Bootstrap project.