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Feb 9, 2015:
18:28: BloodhoundInstall edited by rjollos
Install script supports MySQL now. (diff)
17:10: Ticket #850 ((spam)) closed by rjollos
08:42: Ticket #850 ((spam)) created by taylorson7
(removed spam)
Jan 29, 2015:
20:06: Ticket #102 (Check for BatchModify issues) closed by rjollos
worksforme: Replying to gjm: > 1. Is it functionality equivalent to the …
Jan 28, 2015:
10:44: BloodhoundInstall edited by jaapd
Jan 27, 2015:
19:22: BloodhoundInstall edited by chambej
Jan 24, 2015:
21:43: Ticket #821 (Demo sites not available) closed by rjollos
fixed: Demo sites are back online. Please reopen if any additional problems are …
Jan 23, 2015:
10:50: Ticket #846 (notification not being sent) created by shorif2000
When i create a ticket on multiproduct i get an error in logs. […] …
10:39: Ticket #845 (global ticket number invalid on multiproduct) created by shorif2000
When i have multiple products and i create a ticket it displays global …
08:19: Ticket #844 (Wiki tab is highlighted when navigating to Source tab when no repositories ...) created by rjollos
This was mentioned in comment:6:ticket:20, and in comment:10:ticket:20 it …
07:42: Ticket #843 (Inconsistent behavior disabling workflow action controls) created by rjollos
When the status dropdown is initially opened, none of the workflow action …
07:37: Ticket #842 (On BatchModify form workflow controls should be disabled until action is ...) created by rjollos
The change described in trac:#11931 should be fixed in Bloodhound as well.
07:06: Ticket #841 (Duplicate ticket id doesn't allow a list of tickets) created by rjollos
Given the behavior of other fields, it seems reasonable for the duplicate …
Jan 22, 2015:
19:14: BloodhoundReleaseProcess edited by rjollos
Versions need a release date in order to be sorted in a logical way on the … (diff)
10:37: Ticket #840 (Milestones still appearing on dashboard) created by shorif2000
When i delete all the milestones from the producst they still appear on …
Jan 20, 2015:
18:35: Ticket #803 (Documentation on per-product permission) closed by rjollos
worksforme: Replying to audvare: > I do not see any documentation about …
18:15: Ticket #807 (announcer plugin does not activate on 0.7) closed by rjollos
wontfix: Most likely it is an issue with AnnouncerPlugin. The major components …
18:12: Ticket #833 (Error when enabling options in admin panel) closed by rjollos
duplicate: Closing as duplicate of #373.
Jan 10, 2015:
23:38: Ticket #618 (Parent/child updates for QCT <select />) closed by rjollos

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