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Oct 2, 2012:
12:23: BloodhoundContributing edited by jdreimann
mockups have been removed from the repo, this is now reflected on this … (diff)
05:15: Ticket #216 (Password reset sends out a new password even if the operation fails) created by peter
In case where the system is misconfigured and password reset does not work …
Oct 1, 2012:
16:04: Ticket #215 (TicketSystem.format_summary raises exception for missing resource id) created by gjm
This output was from #204 which has been fixed but the underlying problem …
15:49: Ticket #204 (Activity feed currently breaks new ticket page link) closed by gjm
fixed: r1392403 fixes this (the <py:if/>s moved inside the …
15:44: Changeset [7e2f8db]trunk0. by Gary Martin <gjm@…>
fix activity feed bug when a user creates the first ticket in the system …
15:21: Ticket #214 (Stop warning of possible misconfiguration in activity feeds when there are ...) created by gjm
At the moment there are a number of situations when the activity feed will …
13:19: Ticket #203 (Regression: wiki toolbar not visible) closed by gjm
fixed: r1392311 fixes, adding css rules for the wikitoolbar to the bloodhound.css
13:17: Changeset [a72d98f]trunk0. by Gary Martin <gjm@…>
copying css rules to show wiki toolbar for appropriate textareas into …
Sep 28, 2012:
11:31: Ticket #213 (In change history, add padding and border to make the change history ...) created by jdreimann
I would suggest something like this to be added to the .row s in a change …
10:34: Ticket #212 (In change history, highlight the whole row rather than just the ...) created by jdreimann
For example when following the link below: …
Sep 26, 2012:
01:48: Ticket #211 (Regression : not possible to resize wiki textarea) created by olemis
After applying theme styling rules .trac-grip item is not visible so …
Sep 25, 2012:
12:29: Ticket #210 (Cleverer ticket CC behaviour) created by mbooth
... via Bloodhound quick create ticket dialog
Sep 24, 2012:
09:31: Changeset [bbca2ab] by Gary Martin <gjm@…>
Tagging the 0.1.0-incubating release (from branches/0.1 at r1362530) …
04:42: Ticket #209 (In documentation layout code/cli examples interfere with TOC) created by peter
Wiki TOC div is transparent and floats on top of quoted text and code …
Sep 22, 2012:
19:27: Ticket #208 (Inline buttons for radio ticket fields) created by olemis
Modify ticket section In ticket view displays the radio buttons , but …
Sep 21, 2012:
08:27: BloodhoundContributing edited by gjm
03:33: Ticket #207 (Incorrect bold font weight for label of radio ticket field) created by olemis
This happens in Modify Ticket section , more precisely inside Change …
03:32: Ticket #206 (Ticket fields layout broken if custom textarea fields are declared) created by olemis
Attached screenshot is self-explanatory …
Sep 20, 2012:
14:49: Ticket #205 (initial syntax highlighting sample fails in pygments preferences for ...) created by gjm
As reported by brane: > When selecting the syntax highlighting style > > …
13:17: BloodhoundDevGuide edited by gjm
13:08: BloodhoundDevGuide created by gjm
Sep 19, 2012:
16:18: Ticket #204 (Activity feed currently breaks new ticket page link) created by gjm
At least in the case where there are no tickets available in the system, …
13:17: BloodhoundContributing edited by jdreimann
adding a table of starter tickets (diff)
Sep 18, 2012:
22:27: Ticket #203 (Regression: wiki toolbar not visible) created by olemis
All this time wiki toolbar has been hidden . ... via Bloodhound
08:36: WikiStart edited by jdreimann
updated download link to mirror list (diff)
Sep 17, 2012:
15:45: infinite_scroll.png attached to Ui/ActivityPane by jdreimann
15:45: header_footer.png attached to Ui/HeaderFooter by jdreimann
15:30: Ticket #94 (Activity area to automatically filter to show entries relevant for the ...) closed by gjm
15:20: Changeset [cf17235]trunk0. by Gary Martin <gjm@…>
allow the activity area of tickets to discover events associated with the …
13:43: Changeset [2da9389]trunk0. by Gary Martin <gjm@…>
product resource manager and rendering context - towards #94 (from olemis …
11:21: BloodhoundContributing edited by gjm
Sep 13, 2012:
15:37: BloodhoundContributing edited by gjm
15:35: BloodhoundContributing edited by gjm
14:17: WikiStart edited by gjm
Sep 12, 2012:
14:50: Ticket #202 (Make current search filters persistent when refining search text) created by gjm
Currently changing the search text will reset the search filters. We …
04:32: Ticket #201 (Convert account manager plugin templates to Bootstrap) created by olemis
This is a follow up to the work started in #53 . ... via …
Sep 11, 2012:
17:15: Changeset [8bf4775]trunk0. by Gary Martin <gjm@…>
adds timeline filtering based on ticket field values - towards #94 (from …
16:54: Changeset [bfd1c8d]trunk0. by Gary Martin <gjm@…>
timeline filters API for dashboard - towards #94 git-svn-id: …
16:26: Ticket #200 (Persist status of «Comment Only» option in ticket view) created by olemis
Alternatives ... 1. store a bool flag in session representing last …
16:22: Ticket #199 (Changes in ticket fields reverted on concurrent modifications) created by olemis
The following sequence of events may result in modifications reverted . …
11:03: Ticket #197 (Logged out quick ticket message is not wrapping) closed by gjm
fixed: r1383350 - fixes - thanks olemis.
11:02: Changeset [c2e8c14]trunk0. by Gary Martin <gjm@…>
fix for quick ticket message wrap regression - closes #197 git-svn-id: …
Sep 10, 2012:
10:06: Ui/Ticket edited by jdreimann
10:05: tickets_ticketView.png attached to Ui/Ticket by jdreimann
10:04: Ui/Dashboard edited by jdreimann
10:03: Ui/Layout edited by jdreimann
10:03: layout.png attached to Ui/Layout by jdreimann
09:43: Ui/QuickCreate edited by jdreimann
09:41: Ui/QuickCreate edited by jdreimann
09:41: ticket_quick-create.png attached to Ui/QuickCreate by jdreimann
Sep 7, 2012:
00:20: Ui/Ticket edited by olemis
Update link to deleted ticket UI wireframe image and added 0.2.0 preview (diff)
Sep 6, 2012:
16:36: Ticket #198 (Apply Scrollspy to TOC nav in wiki pages) created by olemis
This feature has been suggested in comment:ticket:174:5 . Relevant snippet …
Sep 5, 2012:
14:53: Ticket #153 (Updates for next release) closed by gjm
fixed: r1381211 removes the doc/wireframes directory to close this ticket. If …
14:50: Changeset [822039f]trunk0. by Gary Martin <gjm@…>
removing wireframes to complete #153 git-svn-id: …
14:22: Changeset [c583e03]trunk0. by Gary Martin <gjm@…>
adding reference to TRAC_VERSION file - #153 git-svn-id: …
14:16: Changeset [2faff20]trunk0. by Gary Martin <gjm@…>
adding a few basic READMEs to the top level and trunk - towards #153
11:20: Ticket #172 (Implement sticky panels using Bootstrap affix plugin) closed by gjm
fixed: Regression probably due to this noted in #197 Otherwise, this seems fine.
11:19: Ticket #197 (Logged out quick ticket message is not wrapping) created by gjm
Believed to be a regression due to changes from #172 (new version of …
11:13: Changeset [1da6d7e]trunk0. by Gary Martin <gjm@…>
theme: tweaks for milestone, products and ticket views for use of affix …
11:10: Changeset [aa708f6]trunk0. by Gary Martin <gjm@…>
theme: change to use of affix plugin - towards #172 git-svn-id: …
11:05: Changeset [1abdef4]trunk0. by Gary Martin <gjm@…>
dashboard: using affix plugin for sticky panels - towards #172
11:04: Changeset [3adf92b]trunk0. by Gary Martin <gjm@…>
dashboard: upgrade to bootstrap 2.1.0 git-svn-id: …
10:14: Ticket #176 (Reduce width of date in ticket Change History.) reopened by gjm
A summary of the discussion in #177: - A calendar style display of dates …
Sep 3, 2012:
14:37: Ticket #196 (Milestone view: Allow users to assign an owner and display due date when ...) created by jdreimann
I would suggest a style similar to the one shown for tickets in …
05:28: WikiStart edited by olemis
Let's c how it goes this time ... ML address visible in WikiStart (diff)
05:17: WikiStart edited by olemis
Reverting previous change as it doesn't seem to show full ML e-mail … (diff)
Sep 2, 2012:
15:42: WikiStart edited by olemis
Mailing list address visible in WikiStart (home) page (diff)

Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.