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Mar 9, 2012:
14:21: BloodhoundContributing created by gjm
Mar 8, 2012:
17:24: BloodhoundDetailedInstallation edited by gjm
17:16: WikiStart edited by gjm
17:12: BloodhoundDetailedInstallation edited by gjm
16:56: BloodhoundDetailedInstallation created by gjm
15:18: BloodhoundInstall created by gjm
Mar 5, 2012:
15:57: Changeset [1f323b9c]trunk0. by Gary Martin <gjm@…>
very basic candidate bloodhound installer git-svn-id: …
11:38: Changeset [a742182]trunk0. by Gary Martin <gjm@…>
update parameterised sql queries to make use of automatic escapes; tests …
Mar 1, 2012:
13:35: Changeset [9adb349]trunk0. by Gary Martin <gjm@…>
fix careless process_request logic git-svn-id: …
Feb 29, 2012:
14:47: Ticket #3 (Multi Product NavigationContributor implementation modifications) created by gjm
Components that implement INavigationContributor need to be able to take …
14:44: Ticket #2 (Multi Product RequestHandler implentation modifications) created by gjm
All components that implement IRequestHandler should be expected to need …
14:40: WikiStart edited by gjm
13:45: Ticket #1 (Create a basic installer) created by gjm
Provide a basic python based installer that takes a user to a usable …
Feb 28, 2012:
18:35: Changeset [5f9d770]trunk0. by Gary Martin <gjm@…>
Adding a replacement TicketSystem? component as an experiment in adding our …
18:16: Changeset [3d15dda]trunk0. by Gary Martin <gjm@…>
modify the overridden TicketModule? methods to cater for no product …
15:37: Changeset [70feb3b]trunk0. by Joachim Dreimann <jdreimann@…>
Final draft, ready for discussion. git-svn-id: …
15:12: Changeset [1ca1b95]trunk0. by Gary Martin <gjm@…>
moving product overrides to tickets to their own directory as this could …
15:08: Changeset [a3dfaa5]trunk0. by Gary Martin <gjm@…>
adding package_data details to support product admin views git-svn-id: …
14:45: Changeset [931375c]trunk0. by Gary Martin <gjm@…>
overriding search source methods for tickets to attempt to take product …
14:40: Changeset [10855fb]trunk0. by Gary Martin <gjm@…>
adding a basic product admin panel git-svn-id: …
Feb 27, 2012:
14:56: Changeset [72ae787]trunk0. by Gary Martin <gjm@…>
starting to override product ticket views in multiproduct plugin …
14:52: Changeset [c4f922a]trunk0. by Gary Martin <gjm@…>
adding template providing powers to the multiproduct plugin git-svn-id: …
Feb 24, 2012:
18:47: Changeset [f9d9c6a]trunk0. by Gary Martin <gjm@…>
updating bloodhound multiproduct model code in preparation for integration …
16:31: Changeset [52ec3d1]trunk0. by Joachim Dreimann <jdreimann@…>
A day's progress on the Ticket screen - not complete yet for posting it to …
Feb 22, 2012:
15:41: MultiProduct edited by gjm
15:41: MultiProduct created by gjm
15:05: Changeset [41fa780]trunk0. by Joachim Dreimann <jdreimann@…>
Initial commit of wok that has already begun on different screens, and …
12:53: Changeset [060a96e]trunk0. by Joachim Dreimann <jdreimann@…>
Updated svn:eol-style to native git-svn-id: …
12:49: Changeset [031e467]trunk0. by Joachim Dreimann <jdreimann@…>
Added additional mockups for product, versions, milestones and an updated …
12:27: Changeset [16e548b]trunk0. by Joachim Dreimann <jdreimann@…>
Updated mime-type for css to text/css and js to application/javascript …
12:22: Changeset [1e06757]trunk0. by Joachim Dreimann <jdreimann@…>
Updated mime-type to text/html git-svn-id: …
Feb 15, 2012:
17:53: Ui edited by gjm
adding markup for inline html code (diff)
16:35: Ui/Version created by jdreimann
16:34: Ui/Product created by jdreimann
12:52: Ui edited by jdreimann
Feb 12, 2012:
02:46: Changeset [ee773a5]trunk0. by Mark Poole <mpoole@…>
removing freenode verification file git-svn-id: …
Feb 10, 2012:
13:18: Changeset [871b93f]trunk0. by Gary Martin <gjm@…>
multiproduct: db tables for product and product resource mapping tables …
Feb 9, 2012:
18:25: Ui/HeaderFooter edited by jdreimann
Metanav (diff)
18:23: Ui/HeaderFooter edited by jdreimann
17:56: Ui/Dashboard edited by jdreimann
17:54: Ui edited by jdreimann
17:51: Changeset [fc07c6a]trunk0. by Mark Poole <mpoole@…>
file to claim #bloodhound IRC channel on freenode git-svn-id: …
17:01: Ui edited by jdreimann
16:23: Ui edited by jdreimann
13:00: Ui/Dashboard edited by jdreimann
Feb 8, 2012:
16:39: Ui/Dashboard edited by jdreimann
16:31: Changeset [dafd664]trunk0. by Gary Martin <gjm@…>
adding Joachim's reference bloodhound dashboard html into an …
13:25: Ui/ActivityPane edited by jdreimann
13:24: Ui/ActivityPane created by jdreimann
13:21: Ui/HeaderFooter created by jdreimann
13:14: Ui edited by jdreimann
13:14: Ui/Dashboard created by jdreimann
13:13: Ui created by jdreimann
12:50: ProjectView created by jdreimann

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