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RFC : Consider inclusion of wiki phrases

Ticket #90 Assigned to nobody, last modified 6 years ago


Reporter olemis
Keywords bootstrap labels
Type task
Status new
Priority minor
Product BHD
Component plugins


Wiki phrases are an interesting way to introduce some attention grabers in Wiki text . This wiki extension is provided by the TH:WikiExtrasPlugin .

From styling perspective phrase categories may be mapped onto Bootstrap labels like shown below . In practice such mapping will be possible by using stream filters.

Phrase category Bootstrap label class
fixme label-important
todo label-inverse
done label-success

This should also include implementing some other related features .

Note: See TracTickets for help on using tickets.
  • Summary changed from Consider inclusion of wiki phrases to RFC : Consider inclusion of wiki phrases - by olemis, 6 years ago


I believe this is something we should look at in a later version together with a general look at the wiki syntax.


I agree that we should delay looking at this. There is a whole lot of functionality to provide from a single plugin (and a relatively large download with all those icons) so we will need to consider it carefully.

However, if anyone wants to install it to play with it, the following one liner command run with the bloodhound virtualenv activated (if applicable) should install the latest version as a development package:

pip install -e svn+

One way of subsequently enabling the components is through the TracWikiExtras section of the admin/general/plugin interface.


I've thought about this a bit further and would suggest that strategically we should not implement this.
Ultimately (especially if following the 'Ideas' trail of thought further), this is like a second class ticket system.

I believe the much better solution for us would be to allow tracking tickets from within the wiki (#138 could deal with that) and potentially allow the creation of tickets in the wiki. For example we could provide a mechanism for a list to be converted to tickets, essentially as a starting point for the batch create functionality we wanted to provide:

  • Lorum Summary, owner
  • Ipsum Summary, owner
  • Summerandum, owner

Nice to encourage people to take notes in the wiki during meetings etc and being able to batch create once agreed rather than having to quick create all the way through which would be a quite disconnected process.

Also provides us the opportunity to automatically replace these bullet points with links to the newly created tickets afterwards so people can track them in the place they started to create them from.