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New components not available immediately in ticket select

Ticket #719 Assigned to nobody, last modified 5 years ago


Reporter olemis
Keywords db, sqlite, postgresql
Type defect
Status new
Priority critical
Product BHD
Milestone next 0.x
Component multiproduct
Version 0.7.0


The steps to reproduce this issue are :

  1. Create new product
  2. Create new ticket in aforementioned product
  3. Go to ticket page
    • Component selection will only include component1 + component2
  4. Go to /admin/ticket/components (in product context ;)
  5. Create a new component3
  6. Refresh ticket page (see 3 above)
    • Component selection will still include component1 + component2 instead of component1 + component2 + component3 as expected

PS: Related to #613 , #614 and might be a duplicate if the root cause is the same

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  • Component set to multiproduct - by olemis, 5 years ago
  • Keywords db sqlite postgresql added - by olemis, 5 years ago
  • Owner set to nobody - by olemis, 5 years ago
  • Priority changed from major to critical - by olemis, 5 years ago