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Integrate changes from Trac 1.0.14

Ticket #660 Assigned to dammina, last modified 2 years ago


Reporter rjollos
Keywords trac-1.0.2
Type task
Status assigned
Priority major
Product BHD
Milestone Release 9
Component trac core


When Trac 1.0.2 is released, a number of changes will need to be made to the templates, and even some commits to the copy of Trac rolled back. This ticket will track the required changes:

Tickets tracking template changes needed for 1.0.2:

Doubleclick creates 2 tickets
Open preferences in new window
js/messages/en_US.js file is not found
TicketSystem.format_summary raises exception for missing resource id
Milestone delete page: clicking on retarget label should toggle checkbox
Show numer of table entries in heading on ticket admin pages
Highlight entries in plugin table on hover-over
Add a margin around images included in wiki text using the Image macro
Improve test case coverage for trac-admin command
Closing milestone and retargeting tickets to another does not show in change history
Logout link should be protected
Fine-grained access to the admin panels is not possible
Expansion of log TracLinks fails for changeset hash ID
Field labels should match on Admin Versions "view" and "modify" panels
TracError messages with markup are not enclosed in a p.message when rendered
UnboundLocalError from trac-admin console command
Fine-grained permission checks should be enforced on the Report list page
Product-specific settings
Consistent placement of Cancel buttons (part 2)
Error accessing /login form
Alignment of permissions in table on Admin Permissions panel
Set component when reporting defects to trac-hacks
Edit pages should put focus on text input element
Hide batch modify form when there are no query results
RTL for wiki-toc broken?
Incorrect translation when switching language
Add license headers to files in contrib, sample-plugins and doc
Show a hint on the Basic Settings page when pytz is not installed
Integrate changes from Trac 1.0.14
Docs do not reflect difference in wiki processing between custom text and textarea fields
Attach file button label consistency
User with WIKI_CREATE can't create a wiki page unless they also have WIKI_MODIFY
Language preferences panel not shown when user has TRAC_ADMIN and Babel is not installed
Apply Trac's fix to postgres problem with report {7} when it arrives
Consistent placement of Cancel buttons
Edit conflict warning messages may not be visible when not in side-by-side edit mode
Error message in product home page if default handler disabled
Highlight rows in wiki tables on hover
Definition terms in list have absolute positioning

Changesets that need to be rolled back on the trunk:

Last modified by rjollos (diff)
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Consequences of the minor changes in [trac 12309#file0] (#11390) should also be investigated.


Minor change in [trac 12268/#file0] may be needed to avoid functional test case failures.


Trac 1.0.2 has support for Babel 1.3 (trac:#11258), so we can bump the version in requirements.txt from 0.9.6 to 1.3.


Created branch for integration work in [1567988].

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