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dashboard and search/query mismatch WRT all products

Ticket #600 Assigned to nobody, last modified 5 years ago


Reporter tim
Type defect
Status new
Priority major
Product BHD
Milestone next 0.x
Component search
Version 0.6.0


It's possible to view the "/dashboard" in a global sense and see a list of all tickets across all products. However, there appears to be no way to do anything similar with searches. Search/queries/reports all interpret a product-less URL as meaning the default product where dashboard interprets it in a global "all products" sense. This leads to the problem listed in bug #596.

Further, the reports have a "Group items by:" drop down with the option "products" despite there being no way for having tickets of different products in a report.

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Product.get_tickets() issue fixed in r1506450.