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Add extra css in preview mode

Ticket #243 Assigned to nobody, last modified 5 years ago


Reporter olemis
Keywords WikiFormatting preview
Type enhancement
Status new
Priority major
Product BHD
Milestone Unscheduled
Component ui design


When previewing WikiFormatting text it turns out that macros (e.g. diff block , source code ... ) may need extra CSS so if no similar content previously embedded in the page then it won't look as expected .

In order to make it more WYSIWYG it'd be nice to load those stylesheets dynamically to render page elements correctly . /me not sure whether this is a good idea though .

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  • Keywords WikiFormatting preview added - by olemis, 6 years ago


If I'm understanding this issue correctly, then trac:#10470 is an upstream ticket (and trac:#10674 is a similar upstream ticket associated with macro-provided javascript).

  • Milestone set to Unscheduled - by rjollos, 5 years ago