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Stop warning of possible misconfiguration in activity feeds when there are only no events to display

Ticket #214 Assigned to nobody, last modified 6 years ago


Reporter gjm
Keywords Activity widget starter
Type enhancement
Status new
Priority minor
Product BHD
Component dashboard
Cc olemis+bh@…


At the moment there are a number of situations when the activity feed will show no events but there is no problem with the configuration. Ideally we would be able to detect when there might be a misconfiguration rather than just warning that there might be a problem.

Whilst the likelihood of no events is high (no candidate events within the specified time period being particularly common at the moment), we should display a simple info message stating that no events have been found.

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  • Cc olemis+bh@… added - by olemis, 6 years ago
  • Keywords Activity widget starter added - by olemis, 6 years ago