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Implement mapping of resources to products

Ticket #112 Assigned to nobody, last modified 6 years ago


Reporter olemis
Keywords timeline filters resource
Type task
Status new
Priority major
Product BHD
Component multiproduct


AFAICS , this ticket comes in some steps .

  1. Refine current resource mapping model (i.e. multiproduct.model.ProductResourceMap class) . This might also include implementing generic resource mapping proposal (e.g. milestone to version ...) rather than limiting the solution to product <--> resource use cases.
  2. Upgrade web UI (e.g. admin panels , milestone view , ... ) in order to introduce input controls in forms allowing to select target products
  3. Decide which models should be considered for resource management (e.g. trac.resource.IResourceManager) and implement it if missing .
  4. Upgrade resource API by including classifiers/tags (e.g. ticket keywords, product labels, ...)

Examples of resources to map should be tickets (<= currently using ticket field ) , versions , milestones , components , wiki pages , repositories (<= or individual changesets, branches ... )

PS : This seems to be a huge amount of work , so maybe it'll be better to start with this ticket and create other for each part mentioned above , or simpler tasks needed to achieve each goal .

Note: See TracTickets for help on using tickets.


JFTR it's convenient to consider implementing generic resource mapping in order to provide a generic mechanism to list in timeline actions performed on resources associated to products .

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