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Ticket Summary Owner Status Priority Milestone
#606 BEP-0008 #3 Display ticket info given a ticket id and time range nobody new major Unscheduled
#33 In place adding of versions/milestones nobody assigned major
#243 Add extra css in preview mode nobody new major Unscheduled
#83 Implement widget & dashboard admin panels nobody new major
#214 Stop warning of possible misconfiguration in activity feeds when there are only no events to display nobody new minor
#230 On custom query screen, show recent queries by the users nobody new major Unscheduled
#600 dashboard and search/query mismatch WRT all products nobody new major next 0.x
#112 Implement mapping of resources to products nobody new major
#783 Removing product name should not be allowed nobody new major next 0.x
#90 RFC : Consider inclusion of wiki phrases nobody new minor
#427 Ticket delete buttons don't appear when tracopt.ticket.deleter is enabled rjollos new major next 0.x
#123 Check functionality of all screens with missing Products/Versions/Milestones/Components nobody new major Unscheduled
#296 Enhance ticket header according to responsive mockups review major Unscheduled
#738 Definition terms in list have absolute positioning nobody new major Release 12
#628 Allow subscribing to mailing lists from the registration page rjollos new major Unscheduled
#463 Test cases for Unicode normalization rjollos review minor Release 12
#213 In change history, add padding and border to make the change history easier to read nobody new minor
#377 Make current ticket state more obvious nobody new major next 0.x
#736 Logout link should be protected nobody new major Release 12
#505 Query suggestions nobody new major Unscheduled
#680 Maintain product-relative scope when switching products through the breadcrumb new critical next 0.x
#416 Use default ticket field value for fields not visible in quick ticket form rjollos new major next 0.x
#812 change password without entering old nobody new minor
#370 Add ticket fields in i.a.o create ticket shortcut nobody new major
#766 Calendar and scheduling tools nobody new major Unscheduled
#339 Images in activity stream should be indicated by a small image nobody new major Unscheduled
#769 Move multiproduct changes from trac.resource to multiproduct.resource rjollos new major Release 12
#647 Can't reassign ticket to another product once assigned to Default (@) product nobody new major next 0.x
#808 wiki url links on page are incorrect or not working rjollos accepted trivial Release 11
#119 Implement theme extensions code nobody new major Unscheduled
#275 Selecting action in ticket modify section hides action radio buttons when doing preview nobody new major
#767 CalDAV integration nobody new major Unscheduled
#758 Part of message not displayed after translation nobody new minor next 0.x
#501 Convert repository annotations to Bootstrap rjollos review major next 0.x
#740 Set component when reporting defects to trac-hacks nobody new major Release 12
#557 Wiki pages that were moved in the whitelabeling work should have a redirect at the old location nobody new major next 0.x
#553 Error message can overflow the QCT pop-up nobody new major next 0.x
#701 postgres install fails with non-standard port nobody new major
#95 Display of owner in dashboard views should depend on the availability of the field new major
#415 Edit pages should put focus on text input element rjollos new minor Release 12
#202 Make current search filters persistent when refining search text nobody new major
#785 Allow default_handler to be set from the Basic Settings admin page nobody new major next 1.x
#216 Password reset sends out a new password even if the operation fails nobody new major
#702 Allow default values for a ticket to be cleared through the ticket admin pages nobody new major next 1.x
#770 Location of test cases for bloodhound_multiproduct is not consistent with other projects nobody new major Unscheduled
#480 Twitter card integration (and other social tags) nobody new major Unscheduled
#753 Crash when Whoosh backend crash nobody new minor Unscheduled
#171 Improve look and feel of changeset events nobody new major
#729 Wrap author information for ticket change comments in a span to make them stylable nobody new major next 1.x
#25 Implement infinite-scroll functionality for Activity Pane new major
#713 Remove temporary directories after unit test execution rjollos new major Release 12
#56 Catch-all for updates to bootstrap. nobody new minor Unscheduled
#48 Split QuickCreateTicketDialog for more flexible approach nobody new trivial Unscheduled
#802 Dynamic client-side autocompletion features for the Apache Bloodhound ticket system thimal assigned major
#195 Attach file form à la GMail gjm review major
#259 Attach file button label consistency rjollos new trivial Release 12
#393 Add pluggable index schema generation for Bloodhound Search nobody new major Unscheduled
#719 New components not available immediately in ticket select nobody new critical next 0.x
#597 Support scripts and extensions in /tracopt nobody new major next 0.x
#587 Change information box should span width of Wiki Edit page when in side-by-side edit mode nobody new major next 0.x
#394 Improve index with DB consistency nobody new major Unscheduled
#180 Match 'description modified' and 'comment modified' styles nobody new major
#453 Incorporate relevant changes to templates leading up to Trac 1.0 release rjollos new major Release 12
#301 Custom query: tickets that no longer match the query should move out of the main list nobody new major Unscheduled
#784 Redirect to wrong location after adding or editing product nobody new major next 0.x
#660 Integrate changes from Trac 1.0.14 dammina assigned major Release 9
#26 Implement ? quick help overlay in mockups assigned minor
#187 Remove row count and results pagination from Dashboard peter accepted minor
#843 Inconsistent behavior disabling workflow action controls nobody new major next 0.x
#396 Translate test not making use of product envronments - after #355 nobody new major Unscheduled
#759 Incorrect translation when switching language nobody new minor Release 12
#400 Improve ModelBase handling of unique fields nobody new major Unscheduled
#263 Whitelabeling/detracify: Messages in localization files nobody new minor Unscheduled
#853 Milestone hyperlink links to path that doesn't exist new major
#564 Inconsistencies in dashboard widgets rjollos review major Release 12
#716 TracError messages with markup are not enclosed in a p.message when rendered rjollos assigned major Release 12
#233 Autocomplete keywords nobody new minor Unscheduled
#554 "Last Login" does not update rjollos accepted major Unscheduled
#482 Expose TODOs from the code base in the UI nobody new major Unscheduled
#844 Wiki tab is highlighted when navigating to Source tab when no repositories are defined nobody new major next 0.x
#764 Global commands should be filtered from product-scope help, and product-scope commands filtered from global help olemis assigned major next 0.x
#771 Improve test case coverage for trac-admin command nobody new major Release 12
#135 quick ticket should tweak the login message when it happens to already be on the login page nobody new trivial Unscheduled
#510 Update templates for changes in AccountManager 0.5 rjollos new major Unscheduled
#791 Upgrade to Boostrap 3.x nobody new major Unscheduled
#67 Highlight tickets outputted by reports new trivial Unscheduled
#858 Create, Modify, View permissions for bhcore api gjm new major BH Core Experiment
#674 Modify templates to account for implementation of ReadonlyWikiPolicy nobody new major next 1.x
#131 On widget errors, provide more information about how to use the Log entry ID for admins. nobody new minor Unscheduled
#651 Multiple commands in single TracAdmin session (functional tests) olemis accepted minor Unscheduled
#443 Document product-specific extensions to the environment API - after #390 nobody new major Unscheduled
#436 Add global / product decoration in attachment links - after #390 nobody new major Unscheduled
#96 Display of keywords in dashboard views should depend on whether the model supports keywords nobody new minor Unscheduled
#398 Improve Bloodhound Search relevance by boosting matches in headings nobody new minor Unscheduled
#45 Refine XML markup to embed dashboard layouts and widgets gjm review minor
#530 Product widget entry point error on load olemis needinfo(new) minor
#855 Investigate removal of Ticket.title CharField and Ticket.description TextField dammina assigned major BH Core Experiment
#591 Browse source link for products pointing at invalid URL nobody new major next 0.x
#664 Embed buttons for products and milestones cannot be disabled antonia.horincar new major Unscheduled
#728 Set default component to empty string nobody new major next 1.x
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