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Product Ticket Summary Owner Status Priority
05/14/12 BHD #67 Highlight tickets outputted by reports new trivial
03/23/13 BHD #484 Patch workflows tightly coupled to version control nobody new major
09/24/13 BHD #672 Edit ticket relationships nobody new minor
03/22/13 BHD #480 Twitter card integration (and other social tags) nobody new major
  BHD #482 Expose TODOs from the code base in the UI nobody new major
06/28/12 BHD #119 Implement theme extensions code nobody new major
05/03/12 BHD #60 Alert text width in quick ticket. nobody new trivial
11/30/12 BHD #284 add the ability to add Guide/* pages from the default-pages directory nobody new major
10/14/13 BHD #691 Relations shortcuts nobody new minor
03/05/13 BHD #437 In product environments , models should be automatically constrained to using product prefix nobody new major


Jul 11, 2018:
12:40: Ticket #854 (This is a test ticket summary) closed by gjm
invalid: Closing as tickets here should not be raised to test how or whether the …
12:29: Ticket #854 (This is a test ticket summary) created by test
This is a test ticket summary.