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Last modified 7 months ago Last modified on 04/24/21 22:24:39

Apache Bloodhound

A tool created for issue tracking and managing of software products.

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Version 0.8 (Released 2014-02-11)

Change Log

  • i18n internationalization.
  • Quick Create Ticket form sets product based on context and forwards values to the ticket form when "More fields" is selected.
  • Fixed caching issue that prevented product-scope trac-admin commands from taking effect immediately.
  • Improved presentation of the Products page.
  • Improvements to ticket timeline (comments section).
  • BloodhoundSearch now supports Whoosh >= 2.5.1 (upgraded from 2.4.1).
  • Fixed several errors in BloodhoundRelations validation logic.
  • Bootstrap template for the Roadmap and Edit Product views.
  • Bloodhound installer support for MySQL database.
  • Product edits were always reported as anonymous.
  • Quick Create Ticket displays the last created ticket for a short time after it is created.
  • Numerous other important fixes and minor enhancements.
  • Not fixed for this release
    • Cache is not properly refreshed for resources including wiki pages, components and permissions; leading to stale data being displayed after INSERTs and DELETEs (#614, #620, #681, #719, #748).
    • Products cannot be deleted (#517).
    • Duplicate relation is not added when batch modifying tickets (#761).
    • TicketDeleter component can't be used with BloodhoundTheme (#427).
    • No product-scope permission checks on the global dashboard (#572).
    • Inconsistencies in query views when running PostgreSQL (#730).

The change log for previous releases can be found at BloodhoundReleaseNotes.

Multiple Products

Easily manage anything from your pet project to dozens of commercial or open source products, and scale seamlessly in-between. The built-in Wiki allows you to create proposals and store other information.

Easy to install

An easy installation process for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Everything you need to run Bloodhound with your favourite web server and database will be provided.

User-friendly design

A consistent experience throughout. It will be obvious even to beginners how to carry out common tasks. A dashboard will provide an overview of work assigned to you, or watched by you.

All of Trac's power

Apache Bloodhound is being built on the shoulders of the Trac project, a giant in the field of project management and bug tracking. Features such as a Wiki and source code browser are deeply integrated.

Get involved

Join the discussion:
To sign up send an email to We always appreciate to hear from people who are interested in the project and discussions there are the main way of influencing it. There is a public archive of the mailing list (and also a legacy public archive of the incubator mailing list).
More information here: BloodhoundContributing

Once you have signed up, you will be able to provide feedback, discuss ideas for improvement and contribute to building Bloodhound.

You can also connect with the Bloodhound community through the IRC channel (#bloodhound on

Registering for an account in the Bloodhound issue tracker allows creating and commenting on tickets.